Cloud News – 7 December 2011

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KashFlow on Radio 4

Peter Day from the Radio 4 show “In Business” recently interviewed KashFlow CEO, Duane Jackson, on the effect the recession has had on small businesses.

Click here to listen to the very interesting discussion on the harsh economic times businesses are faced with and how to overcome these issues.

According to the latest KashFlow Blog, Mr Jackson says that even though they have had a lot of media coverage in the past, this one interview generated a lot of traffic, sign-ups and customers for them. Well worth a listen I’d say.


Future Simple – Pitch to the Proper People

If you are unable to pitch your idea to the decision makers, the excellence of your product or service simply becomes irrelevant. Harsh as it may seem, you need to ensure that you spend your time wisely in order to get that signature on the dotted line.

Here are a few ideas I gathered from a recent Future Simple Blog, where they contacted a panel of sales and small business experts in order to find out what he best way is to connect with those elusive decision makers.

A great idea is to first establish a relationship instead of pitching a sale right from the start. To get yourself taken seriously more quickly, try to find a mutual connection and have them personally introduce you.

It is recommended that you never contact a prospect with a sales pitch. You’d ne better off just sending them a short e-mail or voicemail that informs them of the potential outcome they can get by using your product or service; maybe even share some results similar customers have gotten, that will pique their curiosity.

Every business is in the market to improve. You need to research your prospective client and his/her company in order to determine how you can assist them in enhancing their business. Once you’ve established their needs, it is much easier to offer your assistance in a way that doesn’t feel like a sales pitch.


EZShift – Automatic Shift Scheduling

Managing your employees’ shift schedules can be a painstaking and time consuming task. With EZShift you are able to set up a system that automatically calculates every shift within the boundaries of your company’s polices.

The system considers you organizational needs, employees’ abilities and availability as well as any other rules that you set up. Shifts will always be scheduled in accordance with your company parameters and state regulations.

EZShift is able to solve scheduling conflicts in real-time without any hassle. In the event that an employee calls in sick or for that matter any other short notice schedule changing that takes place, the system will automatically suggest a solution.
Another benefit of this system is that it is employee friendly. Your employees are able to log onto the system from any location in order to log their shift request or job preferences, all will be considered but be limited to your company’s parameters. The web-based employee interface allows them to easily swap shifts with their coworkers.

At the end of the day all your scheduling needs have been taken care of with very little effort from your side and you can very easily acquire a variety of reports to keep track of your shift scheduling status.


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